Universal convex edge (lens) kit (out of stock)

Universal convex edge (lens) kit (out of stock)

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Universal attachment for the convex edge

The TSPROF provides the attachment for convex sharpening of blades as a removable adapter, which is easily mounted on the abrasive holder. These adapters provide a uniform change of the angles across the entire width of intake, and the result is the lenticular shape.

The convex sharpening of blades proved itself very well under shock loads, during cutting of reeds, coastal shrubs and grass, large raw bones, keratinized branches, it is significantly more effective for deep cutting compared to blades with V-shaped sharpening, provided that the blade is of a similar thickness. The reason is less 'sticking' to the material. This form is most suitable for military weapons with long blades, large knives, logging axes.


Angle ranges (radius) is determined by the position of the rod in the nozzle. The nozzle is marked with the appropriate range (radius). The main parameters that characterize this fixture are easy installation, simplicity of design, and low cost.


The Kit includes:

Three radius adapter: 4.3 °, 7.2 °, 10.7 °

Titanium guide

Bushing adapter

Installation kit

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