Small universal table
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This replaces the scissors attachment and offers greater versatility.

TSPROF presents a new clamp for our sharpeners - the small universal table. With it you can sharpen a variety of cutting tools, sharpening angles which are greater than 45 degrees, for example: scissors, hairdressing tools, carpentry tools. The small universal table is equipped with two types of clips: a shortened 16 mm sponge and a Y-shaped clamp. For fastening the clamps to the base there are three fixing points, which allows sharpening the tool with the most complex geometry of the blade. Clamps are used both together and one by one. The base of the table is whole-milled and has no welds or fasteners. The base is attached to two frame holders with thumbscrews and clamping rod. Comfortable wide thumbscrews allow you to firmly fix the position of the table. The versatility of the table is complemented by the fact that the base can be turned in the holders, significantly expanding the range of application of this clamp.