Narrow abrasive holder

Narrow abrasive holder

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Updated narrow abrasive holder:
The perfect way to work with narrow abrasives. 150x12x3mm size, for sharpening, recurve, concave and convex blades, for pocket knives, and folding multitool knives like Victorinox. Low weight, excellent handling, and easy viewing of the cutting edge during operation.

  • The design of the holder has been improved, now lighter and thinner, weighing only 100 grams.
  • The stiffness of the holder was increased! Due to the tight fit of the support plate to the base rod.
  • Solid machined clamps made of aluminum alloy Д16Т (Russian analog of 2024) and precisely oriented in the axial direction by means of a supporting plate made of polished stainless steel and rod.
  • Abrasive tool placed as close as possible to the longitudinal axis of the holder, which significantly improves the control over the movements of the stone during sharpening. - Abrasive holder features a convenient and simple reference surface for digital angle gauge.
  • New construction, more ergonomic and feels good to the touch while working.
  • A convenient abrasive holder allows for fast remounting of stones, blanks and etc.

The carrier plate along the long bar provides additional rigidity for the mounting of abrasive stones and relieves excessive loads, this plate gives you the opportunity to work with fragile stones without the aluminum blanks for the backing.
Distance from the handle to the stone does not depend on the length of the abrasive, this increases the control during finishing operations.
The kit comes with two spacer rings with a damper, one of the rings works as a parking unit.
Abrasive holder bevels 90 +45 degrees
width - 18/16mm; the width of the support plate - 16mm; operating height - 5mm (groove height for 45 degrees, 3mm).
- Min/Max size of abrasive: 105/175mm long (4.13 inches / 6.9 inches)

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