K03 Standard Kit (Out of stock)

K03 Standard Kit (Out of stock)

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The TSPROF K03 - precision-guided knife sharpening system.  Become a knife sharpening professional with TSPROF K03. Keep all your knives razor-sharp, sharpen for friends, make money on knife sharpening or, if you make knives, take its sharpness to the next grade.
Sharpening is all about the consistency of the angle. We make the TSPROF K03 of 100% CNC machined metal. Engineers look strictly at tolerance compliance, each unit passes quality control. The same level of high precision machining is used in microscopes or the modern machine tool industry.
A knife flips over from 5 to 100 times per sharpening. Flip the knife in 1 second with the TSPROF K03 rotary mechanism. Fixation is automatic, with no screws or handles. 
We designed clamps for ordinary and non-standard blades: kitchen, EDC, hunting, filet knife, machete, ax, planer knife, scissors, chisel, full flat, convex grind knife, machete, and others.

Sharpen knives with any abrasive you like, the K03 universal abrasive holder supports all stones 6" to 8.5" long, doesn’t require 45° bevel on sides. [Don't need Al back
Set any angle you want in 5 seconds using just 1 handle. Use a mechanical angle scale or digital protractor to see the angle instantly and precisely. 
The sharpener is built with a modular concept. Get the sharpener’s body and extend it with additional clamps, abrasives, and accessories.
The kit comes with abrasive stones (TSPROF brand stones) of silicon carbide glued on aluminum blanks and packed in a bag. The stones are common purposes, good for ordinary knives like the kitchen ones or EDC-knives.

K03 Standard kit features:

  • 100% made of metal (stainless steel and duraluminum - no stamped parts)
  • Fast and precise turning mechanism, turn a knife over in only 1 second, 0.2° precise, no unclamping needed
  • Universal abrasive holder, any third party abrasives fits
  • 5 silicon carbide abrasive stones glued on aluminum inserts
  • Mechanical angle scale or a reference plate for digital protractor
  • Heavy base for placing on a table
  • Comes in a wooden box

K03 Standard kit contains:

  • K03 Body with main units
  • Set of whole-milled clamps (2 pcs.)
  • TSPROF. Set of 5 sharpening stones on blank
  • TSPROF steel base for K03 sharpener
  • TSPROF Allen Wrench 4.0 mm
  • Packaging: TSPROF wooden box
  • Packaging: wooden box

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