K03 Single filet clamp (In stock)

K03 Single filet clamp (In stock)

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[See picture of fixing units on Products page] Note:  Comes with Gen 3 fixing units.  Only works with sharpeners delivered after mid-Dec 2017.

Special clamp with reduced sharpening angle for thin and narrow fillet knives. The clamp has thin jaws made of spring steel which provide proper clamping. The minimum sharpening angle is 6.5 degrees per side. It is not recommended for use with knives more than 2.5mm thick to avoid damage to jaws.
Recommended Knife Length for the Clamp: 50 — 200mm (2 - 8 inches)
Minimal Knife Width: 10mm (3/8 inches)
Max Knife Thickness: 2.5mm (1/10 inch)
Range of angles: 6.5°— 32°
* Fits the K01 System with the Double Clamp Frame.

** Comes with a new, aluminum one-piece fixing unit.  If you have pre-July 2017 K02, ask for old steel fixing unit for free.

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