K03 Complete Expert Kit (with SiC stones not Boride)[Out of stock]

K03 Complete Expert Kit (with SiC stones not Boride)[Out of stock]

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*** Note: The stones in the picture are NOT what come with the kit at this price at this time.  The factory does not have Boride stones.  We waited for 4 months and decided to receive the kits without stones.  S.T.A.T.E.S., LLC has provided 3 Venev resin bonded diamond stones and 5 SiC stones from its accessories inventory.  We have reduced the price to reflect the modification.  
The TSPROF K03 - precision-guided knife sharpening system.  Become a knife sharpening professional with TSPROF K03. Keep all your knives razor-sharp, sharpen for friends, make money on knife sharpening or, if you make knives, take its sharpness to the next grade. 
Sharpening is all about the consistency of the angle. We make the TSPROF K03 of 100% CNC machined metal. Engineers look strictly at tolerance compliance, each unit passes quality control. The same level of high precision machining is used in microscopes or the modern machine tool industry. 
A knife flips over from 5 to 100 times per sharpening. Flip the knife in 1 second with the TSPROF K03 rotary mechanism. Fixation is automatic, with no screws or handles.  
We designed clamps for ordinary and non-standard blades: kitchen, EDC, hunting, filet knife, machete, ax, planer knife, scissors, chisel, full flat, convex grind knife, machete, and others. 

Sharpen knives with any abrasive you like, the K03 universal abrasive holder supports all stones 6" to 8.5" long, doesn’t require 45° bevel on sides.  
Set any angle you want in 5 seconds using just 1 handle. Use a mechanical angle scale or digital protractor to see the angle instantly and precisely.  
3 The sharpener is built over the modular concept. Get the sharpener’s body and extend it with additional clamps, abrasives, and accessories. 

Modification of the TSPROF K03 body Rack-and-pinion lift with stepless adjustment allows you to set the angle with an accuracy of 0.05°. The range of sharpening angles is from 7° to 35°, which allows you to sharpen knives at a total angle of up to 70°. Please note that that the maximum and minimum sharpening angle may vary according to the thickness of the abrasive, type of the clamp chosen and overhang of the knife.

The movable part is connected to the base with a dovetail joint, which guarantees the accuracy of setting the angle of up to 0.05° And an additional locking screw will allow you to lock the lift during grinding operations.

Rotary mechanism The body of the rotary mechanism is made of hardened steel. 

Whole-milled clamps are made of high-strength aircraft aluminum. Due to the monolithic design of the clamps, their main advantage is the increased resistance to pressure on the abrasive stone, which ensures constant angles. When working with this type of clamp, calibration, and adjustment to different knife shapes are not required. 

Whole-milled fillet clamps are made of aircraft aluminum and are designed for fixing knives with a spine thickness of up to 3.5 mm. The shape of the outer surface is radially convex, allowing you to set the minimum sharpening angles from 7.2°. The clamps are made of a single piece of aluminum, which ensures the symmetry of the installation. Thanks to two snap points, the deflection of the blade is minimized. It is possible to independently move the clamps along the entire length of the frame. There is no need for calibration. With these clamps, it becomes possible to sharpen knives with "Scandinavian bevels". Suitable for table and fillet-knives with a narrow spine. They make it possible to sharpen: kitchen knives, fillet-knives, keychain-knives, dangerous razors, knives with "Scandi-bevels" and other long narrow knives.

Rotating symmetric clamp for double-sided sharpening without knife reinstallation. The clamp design allows you to rigidly and symmetrically clamp knives with complex blade geometry. Suitable for hunting and folding knives with a wide spine. It is not recommended to sharpen knives with a narrow spine on a single clamp, since they can bend when sharpening. The minimum width of the knife is 20 mm, the spine thickness is 5 mm, the angle range is 10-32 degrees (for wide knives, the range may differ).

The 3.5 kg TSPROF steel base holds the sharpener on the table and allows you to work without attaching the sharpening system body with a G-clamp.

The digital protractor allows you to determine the angle with an accuracy of 0.1° and helps to control the angle during the sharpening process when the frame is flipped over when changing the abrasive stone or sharpening the knife.

Set of the Congress abrasive stones  The set includes 5 sharpening stones on aluminum blanks. Congress Tools abrasives for sharpening knives - universal stones made of silicon carbide, which are suitable for sharpening most steel grades. The set of TSPROF sharpening stones contains abrasives of various grain sizes: from 80 to 600 grit. They work with water, do not require an additional purchase of oil for sharpening. 

The convex edge attachment is presented in the form of a replaceable adapter, which is mounted on the abrasive holder.
The convex edge is better than V-shaped to withstand shock loads, such as when cutting reeds, coastal shrubs, and grass, large raw bones, dead branches. Lenticular sharpening is more effective for deep cutting compared to knives with V-shaped sharpening, provided that the blade thickness is similar - this is due to less 'sticking' to the material. This form is most suitable for long-bladed combat weapons, large knives, and logging axes.

A set of 3 Venev diamond resin bonded stones  The set includes: 1 double sided 80 grit and 120 grit stone + two double sided 240 grit, 600 grit and 1200 grit stones.

A small universal table is a special clamp designed for sharpening scissors, ice drill blades, chisels, and other tools that are not installed in other clamps. 

Dialux Blanc polishing compound supplied with a leather blank is used for the final polishing of the knife.

A case of the German company WAG with the TSPROF brand name, made of hard plastic, is used for carrying the K03 sharpening system. 

Folding magnifier with 40x magnification to control the process of sharpening the cutting edge of the knife. It has a plastic body with a metal protective cover. The backlight of two white LEDs allows you to view the details of the cutting edge condition and check the maintenance of the sharpening angle.

K03 Expert Complete kit features
  • Extended angle lift, maximum of 35° per side (regular is 23° per side)
  • 100% made of metal
  • Fast and precise turning mechanism, turn a knife over for only 1 second, 0.2° precise, no unclamping needed
  • Universal abrasive holder, any third party abrasives fit
  • Set of 5 Silicon Carbide stones
  • Mechanical angle scale or a reference plate for digital protractor
  • Universal table attachment for non-standard knives and tools
  • Convex edge sharpening attachment
  • Clamp for fillet knives
  • Heavy base for placing on a table
  • Polishing leather and compound
  • Plastic case

K03 Expert Complete kit contains
  • K03 Expert body with main units
  • Set of whole-milled clamps (2 pcs.)
  • Set of whole-milled fillet clamps (2 pcs.)
  • Single clamp
  • Small universal table
  • Set of 5 Silicon Carbide stones
  • Set of Dialux Polishing compound
  • Leather on Aluminum Blank
  • Leather on Aluminum Blank
  • Set of diamond stones Venev (3 pcs.) 
  • Simple attachment for convex edge
  • Digital protractor TSPROF
  • 60x LED Pocket Magnifier
  • TSPROF steel base for K03 sharpener
  • TSPROF Allen Wrenches Kit (5 pcs.) L-shaped NOT screwdriver handles
  • Packaging: Case K03

Weight with packaging 12.7kg

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