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Why should I buy accessories from S.T.A.T.E.S.?

We make bulk purchases of accessories and spread the $100 shipping cost from Russia across the quantity.  We ship via UPS or USPS the next business day.  You can save money.  For example, a reinforced spring for a K02 single clamp would cost $8 + $30 to $50 from Tech Studio and take 1 month to arrive at your home.  With us, it would cost $9 + $2 first class US mail and arrive in a few days.

If I buy a system directly from Tech Studio how do I get support?

Please contact Tech Studio via e-mail with your support needs.

Do you sell to Canada and Australia?

Yes, if the customer agrees to fill out all the customs paperwork and pays for shipping.  Shipping via UPS costs about $50 for Canada and $115 for Australia.